Cleverton Ruppenthal pending

Dietes bicolor

Fortnight lily

Correction submitted on 12 Oct 20:33


Current status: Correction is pending validation.

The source of the correction is an observation of a living specimen.

Notes: No notes.


  "growth_habit": "",
  "average_height_value": 100,
  "average_height_unit": "cm",
  "duration": [
  "flower_conspicuous": true,
  "flower_color": [
  "leaf_retention": true,
  "foliage_texture": "medium",
  "foliage_color": [
  "fruit_conspicuous": true,
  "fruit_color": [
  "light": 7,
  "soil_salinity": 3,
  "soil_texture": 6,
  "observations": "S. Cape Prov. to S. KwaZulu-Natal\nA popular ssp. from Brazil popular-knew \"Moreia Paulista\"",
  "scientific_name": "Dietes bicolor"